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The Business Data Analytics(BDA) Group is a cutting edge research group at the forefront of analysing & mining business data. The BDAM group‘s research mainly focuses on the emerging IT techniques and online business, for example, mobile commerce, social media, online marketing, and etc.

Our Mission

Creating both academic and business values by utilizing the richer and richer business data.

What's New

[2015.09.07]  Seminar: Jason Chan, Assistant Professor from University of Minnesota, is giving a talk: " Internet’s Dirty Secret Assessing the Impact of Online Intermediaries on HIV Transmission"!

[2015.06.24]  Seminar: J. Leon Zhao, Head & Chair Professor from CityU HK, is giving a talk: "Reflection on Information Systems Research and New Trends in Research Paradigms"!

[2015.06.24]  Seminar: Jason Li, Assistant Professor from Oregon State University, is giving a talk: "Collective Opinion Classification: A Global Consistency Maximization (GCM) Approach"!

[2015.05.30]  Message: Our proposed research project is supported by Alibaba "HuoShui" schema!

[2015.05.27]  Seminar: Zhangxi Lin, Associate Professor from Texas Tech University, is giving a talk: "Micro Finance and Micro Business"!

[2015.05.15]  Seminar: Yao Luo, Assistant Professor from University of Toronto, is giving a talk: "An Empirical Analysis of Nonlinear Pricing"!

[2015.01.08]  Seminar: Jason Duan, Assistant Professor from University of Texas at Austin, is giving a talk: "A Dynamic Structural Model for Heterogeneous Mobile Data Consumption and Promotion Design"!

[2014.12.31]  Seminar: Tianshu Sun, PhD candidate from University of Maryland is giving a talk: "Creating Social Contagion Through Firm Mediated Message Design: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment"!


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Office: Room 1719, Anzhong Building, Gulou Campus


Tel: +86-25-83592129