Business School of Nanjing University

Business Data Analytics (BDA) Group


Research Grants

1. Natural Science Foundation of China (Outstanding Youth Project), No. 71622008, RMB 1.3Million, 2017.01~2019.12

2. Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), No. 71301071, RMB230K, 2014.01~2016.12

3. Doctoral Program Fund of China Higher Education, No. 20120091120007, RMB40K, 2013.01~2015.12

4. Liberal Arts Fund of Nanjing University, RMB20K , 2012.06~2014.05

5. Young Scholar Fund of Business School at Nanjing U, RMB10K, 2012.01~2013.12

Ongoing Projects

1. Purchase Decision Making in Mobile Commerce

Finished Projects

1. Mining Social Media for Business

2. Influence in Social Networks